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my YahooAnswers cooking posts + more

Beginners + Others

beginning to learn to cook (cooking after college, or for anyone learning to cook)
planning good meal ideas & combinations ...varying tastes, textures, healthiness + more:
shopping for beginners, and also singles
stocking & outfitting a kitchen (equipment + staple foods)
how did you learn to cook?
learning about having to cook & shop...just out of school or not having someone to cook for you ...planning/cooking...things to think about
learning to "really cook" (8 collected links):
eating cheap (+ healthy) --see other links below for "dorm rooms"
"yakisoba" (cheap noodles, veggies/meat if wanted, "sauce"... *general* technique + substitutes)
(...also see legumes links below, for cheap eating)

cheap/healthy foods & equipment--links (...dorm rooms or anyone)
dorm rooms ...even cooking in a coffee maker 
low-fat esp. + "healthy":
low-calorie recipes (many links..my answer at Cooking Light)
DrGourmet site's recipes, etc
10 yr old's videos on learning to eat/cook healthy

searching + some searches

for beginning cooks (many YA questions + Google searches)
beginner cooking
learn to cook
how to learn to cook learning beginner (Google search)

for specific recipes, online --how to find (in general; also using Google searches, Cooking Light link, Chowhound, etc)

good online teachers, some with beginner videos
good food tv shows

good food shows on FoodNetwork + Cooking Channel + PBS:

Rouxbe: http://rouxbe.com/how-to-cook/video-cooking-tips (many videos, and some are free...particularly the "techniques"...some specific free videos below)
Mark Bittman http://www.youtube.com/show?p=VsH54tIiYWY&s=1 (3 pages/seasons)
Todd Mohr--(why people "can't cook")...Don't Suffer These Effects of Fear of Cooking:
YouTube+... Jacques Pepin, rouxbe, Todd Mohr, reluctantgourmet, Mexican, Indian
YouTube (other videos I usually suggest to newbies & others):
Todd Mohr: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChefToddMohr
Indian, or sort of Indian:
...Show Me The Curry: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShowMeTheCurry
...aartipaarti: http://www.youtube.com/user/aartipaarti#g/u (now also has real shows on the Cooking Channel)

kids --cooking, eating (or for others):

Relucant Gourmet as Cooking With Kids (his lens at squidoo...recipes, tips, pics, links to more about kids cooking) http://www.squidoo.com/kids_can_cook  ....(also at his site?)
...Cubertfilm: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cubertfilm#p/u some overlap with KidzClix?
10 yr old's videos on learning to eat and cook healthy
picky kids + kids' cooking/prep bento, etc:

knives & knife skills:
How do those chefs chop and mince so fast?
buying knives:
sharpening & steeling ...options

....CI video--testing for sharpness, steeling vertically, sharpening
cutting onions, no tears

pans,  pots --buying (includes links to all others + BHG, Sears, etc)
Tramontina pans, etc (includes knives, how to chop, and learning to cook):
non-stick pans & coatings  in pans + industrialized societies and safety, etc 

ONE-POT cookers:
slow cookers
 --aka CrockPots ("dryness problem," recipes, links to 2 more answers, etc)
good candidate foods for slow cookers (High vs Low, melting point of cartilage, etc)
Crockettes & other small slow cookers
how to hack a slow cooker for lower temps or sous-vide eggs, from CHOW
rice cookers + flavorings for rices, ethnic suggestions, etc...also when have little equipment:
(...see also braising techniques--usually done in one pot on stove or in oven)

can use a microwave for most anything in them + "safety"...also includes earlier 2 links below
containers & covering materials to use in microwaves, etc
how microwaves and regular ovens "work" to cook
toaster ovens + "Convection": more on convection in other questions tho

steamers & steaming
without a steamer
steaming with elevated level...but mostly how to bamboo steam
bamboo and other steamers
...also add info near bottom of previous question fish-beginner above
...+ more on steaming under Techniques below
DB: add last half of steaming eggs too for more ways? (also below)


types of heat for different effects in cooking... heat transfer, etc.
sauteing --multiple recipes using same basic technique (beef here)...24-Pan Roux
http://www.reluctantgourmet.com/saute.htm (at The Reluctant Gourmet)
braising (vs. dry roasting + "boiling" with liquid covering) + why dries out, collagen, etc.
"pan braising" veggies
poaching, simmering, boiling ...at Rouxbe
steaming: http://rouxbe.com/cooking-school/lessons/437-steaming-basics (only part 1, overview, free)
......new fee plans at Rouxbe: http://rouxbe.com/membership ($30/mo, or 20/mo for full year--more now???...for access to  1000 videos which includes techniques/info, practice exercises, and specific recipes)

pan sauces + "deglazing the pan" + rouxs + thickening.... adding other ingred's to pan sauces, berry sauces, etc.
roux based sauces, vs reduction sauces (no flour, but may add other thickener like creme fraiche, etc at end)
making a roux (plus 5 stages of darkness, white to red)

cooking with fruits & juices, zest, jams...steam infusing, etc (+ apricot jam recipe, for chicken)

chicken breasts
how to saute skinless chicken breasts (in skillet)...good video (also for knowing when pan hot enough)
http://rouxbe.com/cooking-school/lessons/170-pan-frying (takes a short while to load... also wait after each segment and next segment will start playing automatically)
....(ALSO see the 2 "sauteing" videos above, under Techniques)
....(more of Rouxbe's videos) http://rouxbe.com/how-to-cook/video-cooking-tips 
sauteing chicken + pan sauces (plus much of question above re pan sauces):
moist chicken breasts (how to)
....plus this BA from someone else re moistness (and why not), ways to cook, safety, brining, etc:
healthiest chicken breast recipes
marinating and chicken breasts
........(marinating using no vinegar so doesn't "pre-cook"at all... minced then blenderized oil, shallots, garlic and rosemary...thick liquid rubbed over flank steak after poking 20 times both sides and salting heavily, then left to marinate at least 1 hr...wipe marinade off steak before grilling/etc)

spice-herbs + good combinations  in general (many links + to other links)
 + spices for chicken ...+ defrosting (chicken/etc in bowl)

defrosting chicken + other foods (more on):

pork tenderloin

beginner ideas ... + en papillote technique (cooking in a bag/pouch)
.....videos for en papillote technique (all parchment, & mostly fish?)
http://wn.com/en_papillote ...don't use foil with lemon j, wine
.....vegetarian en papillote recipes:
"white, flakey" fish, and many ways to cook:
"breading" and battering fish:
stuffings and roulades (roll-ups):
time/temp for cooking fish... tests for doneness:

legumes (beans, etc)... for whole meals or sides (inexpensive, healthy)
many recipes + some info re legumes + beans (2nd half of answer)
 ...soaking/cooking + pressure cooker + no sweetener/acid/etc during soaking
DB: need more on this

tea + coffee + beverages
tea types, brewing time/temp (plus link to flavorings): 
my coffee method + Aerolatte milk frother
steaming eggs
salmonella & eggs (how likely, temps, more)

diff. between homemade and store-bought yogurt (with link to flavorings, how to make)
how to make yogurt...how to flavor yogurt
more on "Greek" yogurt, etc.
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110802190020AAzdlb0 ("carbs," yog.calories,etc)
stuff at end about "special strains and being regular"... probiotics... one yogurt maker
dips/uses/recipes + thickening using milk powder/heat + "Greek" (+ previous 4 links
(see just below for lactose intolerance and milk allergies)

MISCELLANEOUS food, cooking

lactose intolerance:
also perhaps...click on # 2.1 on this page to see the percentage of people who are lactose intolerant in various ethnic groups/countries:
....and true "milk or dairy allergy" which is based on proteins, not lactose

losing weight:
a good food scale + booklet, calorie counter a little:
(this answer has the previous 3 links...plus more on chicken/fish/steaming/en papillote, etc:)

"once a week" cooking ... + busy moms + working moms

whole grain flours & foods ("brown") versus less-healthy processed grain flours & foods ("white")...bread, rice, other whole grains, etc 
(DB: only several links about all topics...where are others?)

food safety
food sitting out, storage..."pathogenic" bacteria vs. "spoilage" bacteria:
pork & trichinosis ...only need 140 F for one min, + virtually all commercial pork is pre-frozen which also kills trichinella
(see also salmonella discussed in link above, under Eggs)
(see also microwaves discussed in line above, under Microwaves)

foods you didn't use to like, but now do like... and changing tastes as a grown up

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